Finding Your Own Path and Staying The Course

I spent last week with Gary and the boys over in Sandpoint, Idaho visiting my Dad and his wife, Jeanne.  While we were there I decided to step out of my comfort zone and do the Long Bridge swim in Lake Pend O’Reille. 1.8 miles in open water with 750 other swimmers.

I must admit that in the middle of it, I was thinking “This was a stupid idea, why am I doing this!” and by the end I thought “Well that was fun, let’s sign up for next year.”  In between those two thoughts I had a couple others that apply to where you are in your business and wanted to share them in the video below.

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Your assignment:

  • Notice where you are feeling stressed in your business and life. Ask yourself if you are trying to follow someone elses path that isn’t in alignment with yours? If so, take a step back and figure out how you can get there your own way.
  • When you feel stuck in no man’s land and like you are not getting anywhere, take your eyes off the goal and just focus on the next step.
To your success!

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