Are You Beating Yourself Up For Not Getting More Done?

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I have to admit it, I have a to do list a mile long. I always think I should have gotten more done in a day than I do.

Last week I decided to blow off the to do list and spend some time with the boys.  Alex had half days for most of the week because they were doing school conferences and then he had all of Friday off. I could have put him in some sort of activity and kept right on working, but the truth is I love spending time with the boys so I decided to take the time off and have some fun.

We went to the science center, swimming, bowling and had all sorts of fun. It felt really good to know that I could take the time off to spend with them and have fun.

In the middle of it all, though, I got an email about his class taking a field trip in a few weeks and they needed parent volunteers. It is going to be on a day that I can not do it. Immediately, in the midst of having all this fun I started to feel guilty and sad about not being able to do the field trip.

I caught myself a few seconds into it and realized that yes, I was going to miss a 2 hour field trip, but I had taken one full day off and 3 half days off to spend time with the boys.

It made me realize how hard we are on ourselves. We accomplish so many amazing things each day and yet we all tend to focus on the things we didn’t get done and then spend our time feeling bad about it.

Your Success Perspective assignment for today is to list 3 things you have accomplished today that you are proud of. What you focus on expands so focus on the good and cut yourself some slack on the rest.

To your success!


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