Turn Your Vision Board Into a Movie

Vision boards are a fantastic way to breathe life into your goals and dreams.  Gary and I have done them for years and always have fun finding the perfect photo or phrase to put on ours. They hang in our bathroom so that we can be inspired each morning.

If you are new to the concept of a vision board, I highly recommend that you try it! After all, what you focus on expands, right? Creating one will allow you to visualize your dreams in new ways. They really help me get into the ‘feeling’ of what it will be like to have it.

I’m a big fan of cork boards so that I can change things out and move them around. It seems to keep the energy moving a bit more than gluing everything to poster board. In addition to finding pictures in magazines and online, I also keep a stack of plain index cards that I can draw my own pictures on which helps it feel more personal.

This past weekend, while at a vision board retreat, we tried something new and turned our vision boards into a movie using www.Animoto.com. I love my new movie! Now I can watch my vision board on my computer or my phone anytime I want!

Animoto is a super simple program to use. They have many different backgrounds to choose from and you can use their music or add your own. Here’s a snapshot from the movie that I created:

The only rule for vision boards is that they make you happy when you look at them. Some people prefer pictures, others prefer words. Some like to have everything very organized and structured, others are more like a collage. Whatever works for you. Don’t over-think it.

Give Animoto a try today and remember to just have fun!

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To your success!


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