Double Your Income In Less Time ~ Why This Retreat is a MUST for you!

The ball is rolling and the registration doors are officially open for our June retreat!

Last week, we had a great launch call where I talked about the key things you can do immediately to start making more money. A replay link has been placed on the registration page.  Check it out!

This retreat is for you if:

You are working too many hours and not making enough money

You struggle with balancing work and family time

You wish you knew exactly what to do to make more money

This will be a retreat like none other!

It’s not a 2-day lecture that will leave you carving out additional time to implement everything. We will design your entire business and create a specialized action plan that will help you double your income in 2012…a plan you can use the moment you walk out the door!

This will be a very hands-on experience so space is limited. Click here for more information and to register for this life-changing retreat.

BONUS:  If you register before April 12th, you will be entered to win a 1/2 day individual mentorship session with me. (A $1,500 value)

5 reasons why you need to join us:

  • With expert guidance from someone who knows the business and what works, you will accomplish more in 2 truly-focused days than you will in 6 months of trying to figure it out on your own.
  • Successful agents all cite attending retreats as one of the main ways they propel their business forward. I can tell you from personal experience that I get exponentially more out of the retreats if they are located out-of-town. It is well-worth the extra organizing and hotel expense (we’re happy to place you with a roommate to reduce costs). There is the huge benefit of having time for the ideas to really click – something that you don’t get when you are trying to fit in client appointments on lunch breaks or leave early to take the kids to baseball practice.
  • Your clients invest in you every time they hire you. It’s important that you invest in yourself to bring to the table the highest skills and most relevant information for today’s market.
  • Surviving is just that…surviving. It’s time you stepped into success! What would you do if you had more money but also had the time to enjoy it?
  • As agents, we are business owners.  Often our friends and family don’t relate to the things we struggle with. Spending 2 days with a small group of agents committed to upping their game is just what you need!
So, are you ready? Make this the year that you can confidently say, “I know exactly what to do to double my income!” Click HERE to reserve your space today.

To your success!



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