What If It Was Easy?

Choose Easy Or Hard - Difficulty Levels

Lately, I have found myself super busy.  Between the strong real estate market, teaching classes, getting ready for the Double Your Income in Less Time retreat in June, baseball schedules for the boys and everything else, things can get a little nuts.

One thing that I have noticed with all of this going on is the need to feel like I have ‘earned’ my success and the money that I make. Things have been flowing so smoothly and effortlessly…aren’t you supposed to work hard for what you have?

I caught myself thinking about this the other day. My real estate transactions have been flowing seamlessly, things are coming together beautifully for the retreat and I’m still enjoying attending the boys baseball games and even squeezed in a romantic 2 day getaway with Gary. Isn’t it supposed to be harder than this? Aren’t I supposed to be more stressed?

What I realized is that, over time, I have invested a tremendous amount of time, money and energy into my business – setting up systems so that it can be easy.  That isn’t to say that I don’t work because I do.  I have, however, found a way to do it without being constantly frustrated, working all hours of the night and missing out on family time because I am dealing with client emergencies and putting out fires.

So, what if it could be easy?  How could you set your life up to make it so?

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