3 Ways to Kick Procrastination

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How often do you procrastinate?  For me, it’s a daily occurrence!  I get distracted, Facebook beckons…you never know.

The reality is that all of us procrastinate at certain points in our lives.  Here are 3 ways I get myself back on track when I’m being spastic and am all over the place:

  1. Make a list:  When I’m procrastinating, I’ve usually got a lot going on and can’t seem to reign in my energy long enough to get one thing accomplished before going on to the next.  When I’m like that, I will stop immediately and write down what I absolutely have to accomplish that day.  Sometimes it’s easier when I can just focus on checking things off the list.
  2. Do it now:  Often times, procrastination comes from not wanting to do something you know you need to do.  Dragging it out never makes it better.  Get it over with.  It will free up time and brain space.
  3. Impose time limits:  Whenever I start drifting off, I will give myself 45 minutes to get it all done.  Now, I’m focused on a time frame that is forcing me to stop goofing off.

What are your favorite ways to beat procrastination?

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