Things Not Moving As Fast As You Would Like? Try this…

Yes, No, Maybe

It was beautiful in Seattle this past weekend.  Gary and I spent one evening relaxing on our patio furniture enjoying the cool breeze and watching the sky change colors as the sun was setting. As we sat there I smiled thinking about all of the years that we spent without any.  We spent the first 4 years in our house with a beautiful patio and nowhere to sit because I couldn’t decide which furniture to buy.

Fast forward to one June evening when Gary came home and announced that we would be hosting the summer BBQ for the Boys and Girls Club Board at our house. I hopped online and in less than 30 minutes had a furniture set picked out and purchased.

The saying is that work expands to fill the available time. The truth is that so does decision making. Without a deadline or a reason, it’s amazing how many decisions we drag on for ridiculous amounts of time.

How much time, money and energy are you wasting by not making decisions on things in your life?  If you feel weighed down and stressed out, chances are there are things you have been avoiding taking action on.

Take 5 minutes right now and choose one thing that you have been procrastinating making a decision on and take action on it NOW. Yes, it’s nerve wracking, but think about how much better you will feel afterwards.

To your success!


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