Honoring Your Client’s Process

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I taught a coaching class recently and, as we were doing a check in, one of the agents commented on a Buyer he is working with that is not in tune with the current market prices.   The question came up about what he could say to get his client on track.

Sometimes there is a conversation to be had and, other times, it is about respecting your client’s process.  I see it happen a lot with Buyers. They start out looking for one thing and then buy something completely different. Agents get frustrated, assuming their client was not honest with them initially.  It is not about that. They need time to process through all of the elements involved.

Often a Buyer will need to adjust their price, location or parameters on amenities to find the house that ultimately works for them. You can only figure out so much looking at online photos though. They need to get out, look at things and “try on” different scenarios in order to really make a decision.

I see a lot of agents getting frustrated and trying to bypass this process with their clients. After all, if you have been doing this a while, there is a good chance that you have a feel for where they are going to end up.  You still need to respect their process.

You can get better at guiding your clients through the process so it takes less time, but do not try to eliminate it. It will only lead to frustration and ill will on both sides.

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