Hurricanes, Down Time and Making Space For What You Want

First and foremost, an apology, for going MIA these last few weeks.

Remember when I talk about planning out marketing a few months in advance so that you don’t get behind? Clearly I need to listen to myself more.

In the last 2 months I traveled a lot, including a trip to New York that went from 4 to 8 days, thanks to hurricane Sandy and one to Maui with the family for some much needed downtime.

It was quite the experience. I was in the West Village, right on the Hudson River, so the streets flooded, the power went out and the wind blew like crazy! Afterwards I teamed up with my friend Marcie and we had four days to explore the city while waiting for Newark to regain power. The picture above is of us in Times Square after checking out a Broadway show.

It all worked out fine, but I missed my family like crazy. On the way home I looked at my schedule and got stressed out realizing that it was clogged with things I felt obligated to do, but was not excited about. I canceled most of them and enjoyed a much needed weekend at home snuggling my boys.

With my New York trip being extended, it meant I only had 4 days to meet with real estate clients before we left for Maui. The beautiful thing was that with having cleared my schedule, I sold 3 properties in that time and listed 2 others.

What I realized is:

  • You must make space for what you want.
  • Work definitely expands to fill the available time. I was laser focused and an efficiency machine during those 4 days because that was the time I had.
  • Trust the Universe. They will always take care of you. Often in beautiful ways you never could have imagined. I live in a sense of wonder with the amazing things they orchestrate for me each day.

Take a look at your calendar right now and cancel 2 things that you are not excited about to create space for something that you are.

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