Have You Planned Your Vacations For 2013?

You may or may not have done your business plan yet, but even more important than that, have you planned your vacations for this year?

Whenever I talk about going out of town, agents get a bit nervous. The idea of leaving their business even for a few days strikes fear in their heart. What if you miss a call from a client? What if they buy from someone else because you were not around? How will you find the money to pay for it?

You cannot be effective in your business or your life without taking time out to recharge.  However, schedules fill much faster than any of us realize and before you know it, there isn’t any time to head out of town.

Here is what I know. Your business will survive without you there for a few days and we all find money for what is important to us. In 2012, I took 6 vacations and increased my business 25% from the year before. It can be done. Above is a picture of Gary and I during our trip to Maui in November.

So go out on a limb and schedule at least 3 vacations, out of town, in the next 12 months, one of which has to be at least a week long.  The others can be long weekends if you are starting to hyperventilate by now.

You get extra credit if you take it a step further and actually book the hotel and the flight. That way you can’t back out.  Staycations don’t count.  We all know that you are going to swing by the office for 5 minutes and come out 5 hours later.

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