Are You Beating Yourself Up?

Are You Beating Yourself Up?They say we are what we eat. For me, it definitely seems to be the case.

The biggest culprit is sugar. It makes me tired and cranky. So last June, I stopped eating it. I still eat bread and other things that have sugar in them, but no candy, cookies, cake, etc. I definitely felt better. Then I gave in to temptation over the holidays and started eating sugar again. Sure enough, it affected my energy and I gained 4 pounds.

Now I realize that 4 pounds is far from the end of the world, but for me it’s enough to notice so of course I am working to take it off. The interesting thing is that rather than focusing on losing 4 pounds, I decided that I should lose 6. Not only that, but giving up sugar isn’t enough now. I started thinking I should also give up gluten and dairy. What the heck? Why am I making it harder on myself?

It got me thinking about all of the times we do that in our business. Things get off track and so we feel that we need to reinvent the wheel. If calling your clients and getting together with them worked before, why do you now need a $25,000 marketing campaign? Or if you made $150,000 last year and this year is off to a slow start, do you then decide that you have to make $200,000?

Now I’m all for making more money, but in the moment I think it just adds more stress and is meant as a punishment for getting off track.

Stop beating yourself up. We all have cycles that we go through. Remember, it’s small consistent actions that work so go back to the basics. Once you get your momentum back, you can decide if you want to up your goal. Now is not the time.

For me, it’s time to go back to giving up sugar. I just wish the girl scout cookies would get here before I do!

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