It’s Okay To Be Off Balance

Young businesswoman falling downBalance is over rated. It really means that you half ass everything and don’t get anything worth-while done.Life works in cycles and it goes much better when you embrace the cycle rather than fight it.

Case in point. I love the sun and summer. Quite honestly, my goal is to work as little as possible during the summer and play as much as I can. The reality, though, is that I have bills to pay whether I’m working or not.

Which means, June is about working like crazy so that I can go have fun once the boys are out of school and the sun comes out. To make that happen I am using June to prep my marketing for the summer, making sure my real estate clients are taken care of, and ensuring those lingering to do’s are handled.

Yes, I miss a few workouts and some things don’t get done as much or often as I like, but it’s about working towards my bigger priority of having the ability to take time off.

With all the talk of work life balance these days, I find that people start to feel guilty when they have to say no to something because they need to work. Like they failed somehow. There is a time and place for everything and sometimes you just gotta get the work done.

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