3 Easy Ways To Unplug This Weekend

Wellness WeekendLabor day is this weekend, which marks back to school and back to focusing on work.

Before we transition though, this is your chance to squeeze the last bits of fun from summer. Whether you go on a trip, BBQ with friends, or enjoy a relaxing weekend with nothing to do, Labor Day rocks.

But for some, the idea of taking time off feels like a distant fantasy.

There is so much to do, and who will take care of your clients when you are not available?

Your family will just have to understand that this is not the time for you to take off.

Sound familiar?

It can be scary to take time off, but you need to do it.

You can not serve your clients, and connect with those you love if you are exhausted and cranky.

Here are my 3 tips for unplugging this weekend whether you take a vacation or not.

1. Leave the house without your phone. Crazy, I know, but the world will survive. You will also find yourself more relaxed once you get over the initial separation anxiety. There is something wonderful about being present in whatever you are doing, rather than constantly checking your phone for what might be happening elsewhere. Nothing is going to happen in the next few hours that can not wait until you get back.

2. Cross 3 things off your to do list and commit to not doing them. EVER. You have been lugging around that mile long list for months. Chances are you have things on there that have been there for weeks. If something has been on your list more than 2 weeks it isn’t important and will probably never get done. Lighten your load and free up your time for something fun.

3. Sleep in. Even if you have to work this weekend, there is something luxurious about not setting the alarm and sleeping as long as you want. Set your appointments for the afternoon and leave the mornings to relax.

Whether you stay home or travel thousands of miles this weekend, these three things will help you to unplug, relax and refresh. You can conquer the world on Tuesday.

Trust me, it will wait for you.

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