Are You Networking Or Building Your Network?

Business woman and group of workers people.As I head out to Chicago today for leadership training with the Women’s Council of Realtors I’m reminded of how important it is to build your network and the part we often miss.

Networking is doing things to bring you clients. People who will buy and sell with you.

Your network is building relationships with vendors and others inside your industry.

Most of us spend all of our time on the first and forget about the latter. After all, shouldn’t you spend your time on the things that bring you the most return?  It’s nice to know people in your industry, but how does it really benefit you?

Here are the top 5 reasons to build your network:

1. Learn from the pro’s: Don’t reinvent the wheel. The fastest path to success is learning from others and   implementing what they have done. For all the technology and modern advances, business still remains the same at it’s core. Learn what works and make it work for you.

2. Get the inside scoop: Any successful person will tell you that you don’t need to have all of the answers, but you need to know who to call. The deeper your network, the faster you can find the answers you need for your clients.

3. People who “get” you: Your friends and family are great, but if they are not self-employed they do not understand the emotional and financial rollercoaster that comes with being in sales. Having a network of friends who “get it” is vital to your success.

4. Referrals: 30% of my business now comes from agents who refer business to me.

5. The Know, Like, and Trust factor: Just like our clients want to work with someone that they know, like and trust, the same is true within your industry. How much easier is it to negotiate with someone when they already know you and that you will get the job done?

It’s fun! Being in sales and owning your own business can be lonely. Especially now that most business is done electronically. However, it’s still fun to connect face to face and share a laugh with someone.

So schedule time today to build your network. Attend a class, a business building meeting, or have lunch with someone you admire in your industry.

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