Make Friends With No

Nein Sager

I’ve been deep in creation mode putting the finishing touches on a talk that I’m doing in Denver next week about work/life balance.

Secretly I think we are all looking for the magic bullet that will allow us to do it all.

Reality check. That it’s never going to happen.

No amount of efficiency training and multitasking is going to get you there.

But when you really think about it, is that what you want? To do it all?

What if you made great money, felt valued and respected at work and had time for fun?

That doesn’t require that you do it all. It requires that you know what you should say yes to. And what you should say no to.

Yes is easy. It feels good. You make other people happy. You’re their hero. But pretty soon you find yourself stressed out, getting nothing done.

No on the other hand can be difficult. You let someone down. You might be missing out on something. Isn’t it easier to just say yes and then figure it out?

The funny thing is that what we don’t realize is that every yes includes a no.

I went through this today. Fashion week kicks off tonight and I was going to attend a show with a girlfriend. I love fashion and was really excited about it. Beautiful clothes, girlfriend time and I would see some clients so I could even call it a networking opportunity. But going tonight would mean not being home to put my boys to bed.

I’m going to be out of town 6 nights next week. That’s six nights of not putting my boys to bed, which is something in treasure. So I chose yes to staying home and no to the fashion show.

Work life balance isn’t about doing it all. It’s about making intentional choices to live a life you love.

What are some of the things you say no to so that you can say yes to others?

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