What Would You Do If You Had More Time?

Family pic in ClevelandThe boys went back to school this week, which always brings a huge shift in the house. It’s back to bedtimes, schedules, homework and back to focusing on work for Gary and me.

This summer was fantastic. Some summers rush by and when Labor Day rolls around it doesn’t feel like we did anything fun.

This summer we played like crazy.

We spent a week in Idaho, paddle boarded on Lake Washington, visited family in Cleveland, enjoyed spur of the moment weeknight dinners with friends, outdoor movies on the side of the house and so much more.

We had a blast.

Now, as the seasons shift, it’s time to focus on work.

Being able to adjust my business to the seasons is one of my favorite things about real estate. I relax and do less in the summer, and then ramp back up again in the fall.

Which brings the question: If you had more time – what would you do with it?

Would you do that extra transaction or play? The beauty of real estate is that the answer can change with the seasons. During the summer my answer is: Play. During the fall it is: do another transaction.

Having the extra time, and the ability to make the choice, though, comes from having structure in your business and knowing how to work with what is going on around you all ready to connect with clients.

Growing your business isn’t about adding new, time intensive tasks to your already overflowing to do list. It’s about learning how to have fun, and work with what is already going on.

Here are ways to connect with friends and clients this Fall:

  • Meet mom’s for coffee to celebrate back to school
  • Have friends over for dinner
  • If your kids are in school invite a new family over to get your kids connected
  • Host a tail gate party for the football game

One of my girlfriends calls back to school the real New Years.

It’s time to set your goals and make them happen.

There are huge opportunities to do business coming up in the 4th quarter if you know where to look and what do to.

More than that, it’s fun business. Family pic in ClevelandImagine enjoying the holidays AND filling your client funnel?

You can, by shifting what you are already doing just a few degrees.

Give the ideas above a try, and if you want more fun ways to simplify your business, boost your income and love your life, email me at: nicole@nicolemangina.com.

I have a program coming up in a few weeks where I pull back the curtain on how I do my business and show you how you make the 4th quarter incredibly profitable AND fun.


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