Do Your Filters Affect Your Results?

Happy woman listening to musicWhile in Denver last month at the CEDIA tradeshow I stopped into the Monster Cable booth to check out their products.

Monster is known for making fantastic headphones, among other things, and I was able to try out a few different pairs  in the booth. I have to admit, that Gary runs the audio equipment in our house so I haven’t spent much time comparing different equipment.

Part of me was afraid to take the test. What if I couldn’t tell the difference and they all sounded the same?

The results, blew me a way though!

I tried 3 different pairs while listening to the same song and each one sounded very different. One was low, with lots of base. The second was clearer and crisper. It actually sounded louder even though the volume level had not been adjusted. I heard parts of the music with the second pair that I had not heard with the first and vice versa. And the third one was different even from the first two!

The exact same song sounded like 3 completely different songs depending on which pair of headphones I was using.

Each pair had it’s own unique filter that affected which part of the song I heard.

It made me think about the filters we use each day to make decisions and the results that come from them.

Here is an example of what I mean:

You have been working with a Buyer client for quite a while. Finally, 3 months later, they buy something that isn’t anything like what they told you they wanted in the beginning.

Does that make them a liar or does it mean that they just hadn’t gotten clear on what they wanted and the lifestyle they wanted to live initially? How you answer the question has a huge impact on your success, the quality of your client relationships and how much fun you have along the way.

If you think they are a liar, it will breed mistrust. Your clients will flake out on you, and you will be adversarial towards them. Not a fun way to do business. Not only will you find yourself doing fewer sales, but your clients will do will drain your energy. You will be well on your way to being that cranky person that no one wants to hang out with.

If, however, you think they just need help getting clear on what is truly important and you develop a way to help them uncover that earlier in the process, you will have dramatically different results. You will engage with them in a curious manner. Your clients will value your insights and appreciate your ability to guide them through a process that they are unsure of. The end results will include loyalty, friendship and referrals. A much better way to do business.

If something is frustrating you right now, or not going your way, consider the filter through which you are viewing the situation. How can you adjust the filter to see it differently and find a new solution?



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