The path to success, are you on the right one?

Success Just Ahead

Success Just AheadIt’s that time of year again. Time to write your 2014 business plan. But how do you know if you are tapping into, the right business planning model?

There are many models out there, all promising incredible results if you just follow their steps. But how do you know if they will really work for you?

I’ve spent a lot of time reviewing business models in the last few years. I’m here to tell you, they are NOT all created equal.

Finding the right plan for you, depends on what you want to build over the next year.

First and foremost, I believe that it’s important to find a business plan that works for your entire life, not just a year at a time. Having a lucrative business that brings in lots of money is great. But are you also creating a life you love in the process? And better yet, are you having fun doing it?

It’s about shifting your perspective when you define success.

One of the key approaches to shifting your perspective is to discover ways to be truly authentic in everything that you do. That means you are the same kind of person in your business life that you are in your personal life.

One example of this perspective when you are in sales is to view the people you work with not as one time clients, but instead as people with whom you are building long-term relationships.

When they are clients, the focus is on the close and the paycheck and getting things done as fast as possible. I just had an experience like this with someone who I could tell really didn’t care about me at all. They just wanted me to say “yes”. My reaction: Ick! We didn’t end up working together because I didn’t have any confidence that they would be able to help me with what I needed. After all, they know nothing about me and didn’t want to learn either.

When you focus on building relationships, you people treat people the same way you would deal with your best friend. You listen, you care and you find ways to help. Not only does this method change your conversations, but it changes how your clients react to you. They become intensely loyal, and they care about you.

Every aspect of our lives will benefit when we look at it from a relational perspective.

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