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Group Of Middle Aged Couples On Ski Holiday In MountainsThe Creating Business Magic in the 4th Quarter webinar has been getting great reviews. It’s fun to see it spark so many ideas for people on ways to connect with their clients and make it truly their own.

I was chatting with a few agents last week, though, who wanted ideas on ways to connect with their clients that were not focused on kids.

So for those of you who don’t have kids at home. Or perhaps, even more so for those of you that do and are craving an adult night out, here are some ideas to get you going:

1. Wine tastings: Tasting rooms love to get into the holiday spirit with special events and decorations. Meet some clients to try the latest release.

2. Concerts: From choral music to the symphony and everything in between you can find a holiday show to enjoy.

3. Holiday Home Tours: For your clients who love to decorate. Many areas do tours of specially decorated homes during the holidays with proceeds of the ticket sales going to a local charity.

4. Sleigh Rides: If you live close to the snow. Organize a neighborhood sleigh ride and dinner.

5. Skiing: If you are a snow junkie, invite a client to go with you. What better reason to ski during the week?

6. Sporting events: Always a fun place to meet up. Organize a tail gate, a half time get together, or host a party at your house.

7. Happy Hour: It’s quick, easy, on your way home and always lots of fun.

8. Charity Drives: Do your own or support someone elses. Send an email out to your clients that you are collecting coats for a clothing drive. Then call to make sure they received it and offer to come by and pick up their donations.

Whatever you do, make it fun and something that you enjoy.

The less you make it about business, the more business it will turn into. It’s about building relationships and meeting new people.

And for those of you wondering how you turn these relationships into clients, stay tuned. The answer is coming up later this week.

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