What’s your 10,000 foot view?


BridgeIn business planning, there is a lot of talk about the 10,000 foot view.

It’s the bigger picture of your business, your life, and your goals and the path you use to get there.

Good in theory, however, many people that I talk to are just trying to figure out their next sale to pay their next bill.

Big picture, 10,000 feet, who cares? Sometime you just need to make something happen today.

I get it. I’m big on dreaming and goal setting, but there can be a disconnect between the big picture and making it work today.

The whole concept of the 10,000 foot view, why it matters and how it relates to daily life came together for me a few weeks ago when I was in San Francisco for the National Association of Realtors conference.

During a 2-hour break one afternoon I headed out for a walk to explore the city.
One moment I was walking through a vibrant neighborhood filled with restaurants, parks and homes feeling the daily bustle of life, and the next I was on top of the world with panoramic views of the city.

In that moment everything clicked.

At the bottom of the hill, in the midst of all the activity it was all about noticing what was right in front of me because my range of site was limited.

At the top of the hill, however, I could see for miles. Things that seemed impossibly far away were really not that far at all.

Not only that, but there were multiple ways to get there. There were paths winding through other neighborhoods, the boats on the water and a bridge to take you easily, and quickly from one side to another. Three very different ways to get from one end of the city to another, each with it’s own benefits.

Here are some other things I realized at the top of that hill:

  • You are closer to your goal than you think
  • Shifting your perspective is difficult to do on your own
  • Finding the right path for you is like finding your perfect recipe for success
  • Taking the time to figure out your 10,000 foot view can make the difference between things being a struggle and coming together with ease
  • When you figure out the right path, sales happen

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