Buying Is About Letting Go

Family moving home with boxes aroundWhat? If you are buying something it means you are getting something, right?

Yes, but anytime you buy something, whether it’s a pen, a pair of shoes, or a house, it means you are letting go of something. Letting go of the pen you used to use, the shoes that you were wearing and the house you are currently living in.

It sounds simple and yet time and time again I see clients get stuck in the letting go process. It prevents them from moving forward and getting what they want.

Everything has energy attached to it and bringing something new in requires that we let go of one set of energy to attract another.

Granted for a pen that is pretty easy. Especially if your current one is out of ink.

Shoes, may be a little trickier. Are the new ones as comfortable as the old ones? Are you trying to be a bit sassier and bought some fun new shoes and you aren’t sure if they are “you”? Maybe you are trying to change your image, but not fully comfortable in your new skin.

Now think about buying a house. Buying a new house is exciting. In many ways it is a positive experience, but you have to do a lot of letting go. You need to let go of your route to work, your neighbors, your grocery store, your favorite coffee shop down the street, the payment that you have been making, the secret spot where you stash all of the clutter when you have people over, etc. These might seem like small things, but it’s amazing how much energy and emotion we attach to them.

It can be difficult to let go. Sometimes we hold on so tight that it prevents us from moving forward and we don’t even know we are doing it.

So if you are trying to buy something or move forward with a change in your life, but things are not really coming together here are some ideas to get you going:

    • List the positive parts of letting go. In every situation there is good and sad. Focus on the good.
    • List the positive parts of buying. You are opening yourself up to new experiences and expanding who you are as a person. Yes, it can feel different or even uncomfortable at times, but breath into it and trust that it will all be good.
    • Let go of the how. Logistics always seem daunting at first, and yet they always seem to work out.


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