Why Not You?

COV0902merced.wilson.lo.inddSeattle is in the midst of Seahawks mania as we roll into the Super Bowl next week.

12th man flags can be seen everywhere and don’t you dare forget to wear blue and green on Friday’s.

In an interview with the quarterback, Russell Wilson, after last weeks game against the 49’ers he said that his question to the team at the beginning of the season was “Why not us”?

Why shouldn’t we be the ones to win the Super Bowl?

Pretty powerful words from any quarterback but even more so when you realize that this is only Russell’s second season in the NFL, he is 5’11” (a full 6 inches shorter than quarterbacks like Peyton Manning) and his professional athletic career actually started in baseball.

What Russell Wilson has accomplished this year in the quarterback position is nothing short of miraculous and a great reminder for each of us.

I spoke with a newer agent this week who is struggling to feel confident in her ability to be the expert with her clients and not get intimidated by other agents.

Russell has repeatedly gone up against other QB’s with more experience and won.

So what is the tipping point? At what point do you decide that you and do this? That now is your time?

Here are 3 tips to build your confidence and help you succeed no matter how much experience you have:

1. As Russell says, the separation is in the preparation. Research your client, the products and the competition before you meet. It seems simple, yet it is a step that most people miss. Taking the time to know your market will boost your confidence and change the conversations you have with your clients.

2. Count to 3 before you respond to anything. We often get tripped up thinking that the moment someone says something or asks us a question we need to fire an answer right back. Taking a moment for a deep breath allows you to collect your thoughts and formulate a more complete answer. It also shows your client that you are more professional because you are giving careful consideration to the matter rather than just firing off things at will.

3. Build your team. You might be in business for yourself, but you still need a team. Your network of people that you can call on for help. Maybe it’s a mentor, a coach, or contractors to help you complete a project. Start building those relationships early so that you know where to go when you need help.

More importantly than any of this is to make the decisions that this is your time, that you do have what it takes to accomplish your goals.

Stop waiting for someone to hand it to you, or to give you permission, or for some imaginary clock to tick that then says you are ready.

You are ready now. Go and get it.

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