Business Is A Contact Sport

beautiful girls shopping in grocery supermarketActually all of life is.

Yesterday, I was interviewed for the Live Rich, Spread Wealth tele summit. She asked me what is one thing I wanted to share with people about what it takes to be successful.

Life is a contact sport

Not in the aggressive, competitive sense, but in the you can’t get results if you aren’t out there connecting with others sense.

In real estate especially, it’s all about being in touch with people who ultimately turn into clients or could refer you to clients.

You could spend days, weeks, months in your office planning out the perfect action and marketing plan, but if you are not in contact with people in some form or another, it won’t work.

There are many ways to be in contact: social media, print marketing, phone calls and good old fashioned face to face.

All of them work, but nothing works better than being face to face with people. Interestingly enough, remember the blog post that I wrote a few weeks ago about how to stay focused when you are surrounded by distractions?

If you can stay present, you can turn those distractions into business, because you are in contact with people. You just need to listen to pick up the real estate cues.

Here are some of the benefits of treating life and business like a contact sport:

  1. You do more business: It’s a numbers game. The more people you are in contact with the more business you will do. But there is a compound effect that comes into play as well. As you are out more and people see you in different places at various events, the image you project is that you are connected to others and what is going on in the community. Both valuable things.
  2. It shows up in wonderful ways: I talk to so many agents who are sitting in their offices wanting to know where there next client is coming from. They are looking for guarantees. The fantastic thing is that business can come from anywhere. Your next open house, a trip to the grocery store, chatting with parents at the baseball field during your child’s game. All of it counts as contact and can result in a client.
  3. It gives you options: More contacts lead to more clients, which leads to more choices. When you have a limited number of clients you are forced to “make it work” even when maybe you shouldn’t. You know what I’m talking about: the client that you don’t click with personality wise. Maybe you could make it work, but it will be draining and difficult the whole way through. Or the client who wants to look in an area an hour away from where you live. Is the time really worth it? How many other clients could you take care of if you referred them out so that they could receive better service and you stayed closer to home?

So get out there and have fun. The goal is to make contact, how you do it is up to you.

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