3 D’s of Success

NICOLELast week I had the hono0r of speaking on a panel at Inman Connect in San Francisco. The conference was a fantastic mix of agents, managers, owners and technology companies all focused on making the real estate experience better for the agents and their clients. It’s amazing how many options are out there! As with every conference, my goal was to meet 3 new people and find 1 thing that I’m going to implement immediately.

I met dozens of incredible people and the app that I fell in love with is Refresh. It pulls together a social media and internet dossier on people in moments. Giving you everything you need to instantly connect with you next potential client.

The panel and I spoke on Success in a Dress. Female Entrepreneurship.

One of our biggest questions that came up was; how do you get it all done and keep things moving forward? I shared my 3 D’s of any successful day:

Delete: What can you delete from your to do list or calendar? Maybe it’s somethihng that has been on your list for months. Or maybe it’s a marketing plan that sounds exciting, but you are not convinced that it will actually make you money. Let them go. They drag you down, stress you out and zap your energy. Letting them go opens you up to new sales.

Delegate: What can you delegate to someone else? There are things that need to be done, but maybe not by you. Maybe it’s personal, like cleaning your house, or hiring someone to meet contractors, photographers, etc. Those things that eat up big chunks of your day, but don’t need to be done by you.

Do: Take action each day with intention. It’s easy to be reactionary, pinging from one thing to the next. Yes, you are busy, but are you productive? Did you work on your goals or someone else’s? Each day ask yourself “What 1 thing can you do today to move yourself forward?”

What are your 3 D’s today?

To your success!


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