How Much Love is Just Right?

Grass with flowers and white text Love on itHow do you show your clients love? And what’s the right amount so they use you and refer you to others.

Staying in touch during a real estate transaction is easy. But do you have a plan to connect with people when they are not actively involved in a purchase or sale?

Whenever this comes up agents say things like: I don’t want to bug people or they think it isn’t necessary. Usually, though, it means they don’t know what to do, and so they do nothing.

It’s time for a mindset shift on this. I believe it’s more respectful to stay in touch and provide value all along the way. Not just when they are involved in a real estate transaction.

To get a better feel for this, sometimes it’s easier to shift into a scenario when you are the consumer.

Here’s an example of what I mean:

About a year ago I met a great personal shopper at Nordstrom. My sister was a personal shopper there years ago and, once you get used to having one on speed dial, you never go back. My shoe closet will never be the same!

We shopped the Nordstrom sale last year, I referred her some clients, and everything was great.

A few weeks later she asked if I wanted to schedule another time to come in and shop. I wasn’t in shopping mode and so didn’t make an appointment.

I never heard from her again.

I made the effort to find her a couple more times, but then gave up and just started using whoever was in the department when I was shopping.

I wanted a relationship and to be loyal to someone there, but she made me feel like it was all about the immediate check.

If we are not careful, our own clients can feel this way.

Your clients need to know that it’s not always about the check.

Here are some great ways to show your clients some love and keep the lines of communication open:

  1. Send them a hand written note card to let them know that you are thinking about them.
  2. Get together with them just to say hello. This could be a 5 minute pop by, a lunch, round of golf. It doesn’t matter how much time you spend with them, just that you take the effort to connect.
  3. Be the connector. My clients call me for all sorts of referrals. Many of them non real estate related. The last referral I gave out was for a car buying service. Be seen as the go to person with the ultimate rolodex and you will stay connected with them.

How do you show your clients love?
To your success!



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