Don’t Take It Personally

Last week’s post was from the panel at Inman Connect in San Francisco. We had so much fun and got such great feedback that we decided to recreate the magic on the radio.

Monday I was part of the Success In A Dress discussion of Get Real Radio with Vija WIlliams of Keller Williams Realty, Deb Champion of Bank of Montreal, Vanessa Murray of TAKE Success and Debra Trappen of D11 Consulting. It was a lively conversation and one of the most open and honest ones about being a successful entrepreneur that I have had in a long time.

To catch the recording click here.

One of the questions was: What trait do you believe entrepreneurs need to succeed?

Don’t take it personally

In any business, but real estate specially, you get involved in people’s “stuff”. When you get into big numbers and lots of emotions, things are bound to happen.

Don’t take it personally.

Sometimes it’s just not the right match or the right time and that’s okay.

Maybe you interviewed with a potential Buyer or Seller and they picked someone else. It’s a bummer, but know that there is always enough out there for you.

It takes faith and tenacity to make it through and yes, it’s normal to pout, but the sooner you can move past it, the sooner you can go out and connect with that client that is a perfect match for you.

Here’s a tip to get you through when things aren’t clicking:

Committed but not attached

Be committed to being completely honest with your clients. Tell them what they need to hear, not what they want to hear.

Be committed to giving them all the information they need to make a decision, but not attached to which decision they make.

It’s when you try and cross over to the other side of the table and make decisions for your clients that things get messy and personal.

To your success!


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