When Was The Last Time You Were Picked Off?

Hawks gameAnd just like that, the Seahawks loose the Super Bowl.

After such an amazing season it was sad to see it end that way, but there are as many lessons in losses as there are in wins.

Yes, Russell Wilson made a play that did not turn out the way he thought it would. In his defense, it’s the same type of play that got them into the Super Bowl, when he threw the ball to Jermaine Kearse in overtime against Green Bay to win the game. He is a smart man, and so is Pete Carroll. They were doing what they thought was right at the time, and it didn’t work. From the outside it might seem obvious that it was not going to work, but in that moment they have a very clear reason for running the play that they did.

It happens to us all.

When was the last time you tried something that didn’t work? It might have felt like everyone was watching, but I guarantee, you didn’t have 100 million people watching and commenting on it. Reliving it over and over again.

For most of us, our mistakes sting in the moment, but are relatively short lived.

Yet it doesn’t always feel that way.

When something doesn’t work we start to judge ourselves:

  • It’s never going to work
  • I don’t have what it takes
  • It’s too hard
  • It’s not worth it
  • No one will ever give me another chance

The spiral continues until we have talked ourselves out of ever trying again. We take that one moment and let it affect our entire lives rather than calling it what it was, a bad day, letting it go and moving on.

I get it. ¬†Mistakes, bad days, or whatever you choose to call them can have a lasting impact. I’m sure things with happen in the Seahawks organization as a result of that loss, but the point is that often we make it bigger than it needs to be and stop trying.

The Seahawks will move forward. Russell Wilson will have many more amazing games and win more Super Bowls.

Yes, the will surely take some time to lick their wounds, but they will come back.

And we all love a good come back story.

So the next time you throw an interception, learn from it, give yourself some time to pout, but know that it’s all about the come back. One pick does not determine the rest of your life, unless you let it.

To your success!

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