Valentines Day Continued

Valentine's Day Heart backgroundValentines Day was 2 weeks ago. In the spirit of keeping the love alive, this post seemed like a good way to close out February.

On Valentines Day we focus on expressing our love for others, which is great, but you can’t do that without taking care of yourself first.

If you run your own business, chances are you burn the candle at both ends and constantly feel depleted. If you are a mom and own a business, all hope my seem lost in a blur of sleep deprived confusion.

It can seem like it’s part of the game, and you are just doing what it takes to reach your goals. Sometimes we even trick ourselves into praising ourselves for burning out because it shows how committed we are.

Not only is it not necessary, it doesn’t work. Sure it may work short-term as your adrenaline carries you, but the crash is coming. The longer you go, the harder the crash.

Here’s what happens when you don’t take care of yourself:

  • Your personal relationships suffer
  • You are cranky
  • You get sick more
  • You find that everything takes longer than it should because your brain won’t engage
  • You are at odds with your clients

It’s time for a little self-love. Taking care of yourself is vital to your success.

Granted it can feel indulgent, or like something you don’t have time for, but without it, the success won’t be worth it.

Taking care of yourself takes persistence and determination. Persistence to do the things every day that make a difference, and determination to keep at it, even when you don’t want to.

Here are some easy things you can do to show yourself a little love:

  1. Drink water – Oddly enough, it can boost your energy as much or more than coffee.
  2. Eat whole foods – What we eat affects our energy and moods more than most people realize.
  3. Move your body 30 minutes a day – Nothing feeds your body, mind a soul like movement and fresh air.
  4. Sleep – Getting a good nights sleep is essential, but when was the last time you took a nap? Talk about indulgent!
  5. Have fun – Never under-estimate the power of laughter.

As you put your stake in the ground each day that you are worth it and use your persistence and determination to do these, magical things will start to happen.

Yes, that seems like a big claim, but try it for 2 weeks and let me know what happens.

To your success!

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