Every Opportunity You Need Is Right Here Right Now

pick up truckWhat if I told you that you already had all the clients you need to reach your 2015 goals?

Whenever you set a goal the Universe answers, but they answer in the form of opportunities. The question is, are you able to see them?

Monday is my day to go for a long walk after I drop the boys off at school. (Part of my persistence and determination to take care of myself that we talked about in last week’s post). Lately, I’ve been walking on a new trail by our house that is part of the tracks to trails program. (It’s where they turn the unused railroad tracks into trails for everyone to walk and bike on.)

I was talking to my neighbor the other day and he asked if I had seen the truck on the side of the trail. I have walked the trail dozens of times and am embarrassed to say that I hadn’t. So, Monday I set out on a mission to find the truck. Sure enough, there it was, a blue pick up truck about 20 feet off the trail. Here’s a picture of it. I mean it’s a giant truck and it’s blue. How on earth could I have missed that?

Feeling a little bit silly for having missed it before, and vindicated now that I found it, I continued on my walk. On my way back, I wondered where the truck was. Sure enough I had walked right by it! By now I’m laughing at myself and feeling like a complete dork.

It’s a perfect example of how we live our lives, and run our business. There are opportunities all around you that you are completely missing out on.

Clients don’t always come up to you and say “Hey, I want to buy a house today. Here’s my suitcase full of cash, let’s do this”.

Finding opportunities requires a mindset shift. It required that you get present and pay attention to what is going on right in front of you.

Maybe it’s the person who made an off-handed comment at a party that you need to follow-up with, or the friend of yours that you have been meaning to call and it turns out they have a referral for you.

It’s a bit like mining for gold. The gold is there, often hiding in plain sight. But you need to shift your focus to be able to see it and then have a system in place to act on it.

One of the biggest sources of missed opportunities are clients who will not be ready for 3-6 months. Meaning agents don’t have a follow-up system to keep in touch with them. And so they miss out.

The good news is that once you know this and start to look for them, the opportunities are plentiful and pretty easy to spot. Just like a giant blue pick up truck. So make it your goal today to find the opportunities and act on them.

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To your success!

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