Market Your System

brewery infographics - beer design elements & iconsYou market your name, image, track record, sales, but have you ever marketed your system?

Just like a Brewery, you have a process that gets your clients from Point A (your initial meeting) to Point B (sold and closed).

If you ask most agents what their system is, you’ll likely get a blank stare combined with something like “I don’t really have a system, it’s all in my head”. or “Each transaction is different so I can’t systematize things, because I never know what will come up”.

Real estate agents inherently avoid systems. We all say we want them, but at the end of the day we resist them. The fear is that they will be confining and restrictive.

The opposite is true. Structure aka a system gives you freedom. It also gives your clients confidence. A HUGE part in building a sustainable business.

The good news is, you actually have them, you just don’t realize it.

Learning how to articulate it will build your confidence and help your clients to say yes to you.

Consider this:

  • When listing a house, in what order do things happen? Do you do an inspection, or does the Buyer? Do you stage the house before the carpets are cleaned, or after? Do you do open houses? If so, do you do them on the 1st weekend or wait?
  • When working with a buyer: Do they meet with a lender before or after they find their dream house? Do you look at homes during the week, or wait until the weekend? Do you do the appraisal before or after the inspection?
  • How do your communicate with your clients and how often will they hear from you?

You might not realize it, but all of these steps are carefully choreographed to create a specific result for your client.

They may seem ordinary, but all agents are different and the way you work with clients is unique to you.

Take the time to write down your system and share it with your clients.

Systems instill confidence. Systems create value. Systems make you referable.

To your success!

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