Use Your Super Power

Businesswoman looking through binoculars.As we close out May, I thought it would be fun to have one more tribute to Mom’s and their super powers. Dad’s don’t fret, I know you have super powers too. More on those next month.

Today’s super power: Observation

You told your kids that you have eyes in the back of your head, and they believed you. How else could you know the things you do? Like the fact that they haven’t brushed their teeth, that they didn’t eat their sandwich at lunch, or turn in their homework?

Easy, you paid attention, watched for the signs and activated your mommy network to pull in reinforcements with additional information.  All of this happened without your kids ever having a clue. To them, you are magical, and maybe a little scary with your ability to just “know” things.


Are you using your Observation powers in your business as well?

When you do, it turbo charges your momentum and things come together much quicker.

Here’s what I mean:

  • When going through a listing presentation, and you notice your client getting glassy-eyed, you know they are getting overwhelmed. Or maybe you hit on a sensitive topic. If you are not observant, you will blow right through it and probably lose the listing. If you are observing your clients, you will take it as a cue to slow down, check in and dive deeper.
  • When working with a buyer, asking them if they want to buy every house is sales’y and gets old. If you are paying attention, they will give you all the clues you could possibly imagine when they walk into “the” house. From there all you have to do is guide them in to a successful offer.
  • During escrow, you are paying attention to all of the facets of the transaction. So when you realize that your clients are going to be out-of-town the week of closing, you notify the escrow company in advance so that they can schedule things as necessary.

All of these make you look like a hero.

Some call it intuition, others call it being psychic, others call it the ability to be present, pay attention and act on the information they receive.

What ever you call it, it’s a vital part of success, so start observing and then acting.

To your success!

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