Are Your Affirmations Working Against You?

Break down the barriers.“Welcome to selling real estate in the big leagues”

It started out innocently enough. A few months ago I had some tricky real estate negotiations. Everything worked out, but it got a little stressful in the moment.

In the past, when things would get sticky or stressful I would pull back internally. I would wonder if the growth was worth it. Maybe I should just do fewer transactions and not have to worry about so much going on or dealing with these kinds of situations. This time though, I decided to lean in and embrace the moment. After all, it doesn’t matter if you do 1 transaction a year or 100, issues will come up at some point.

This time around, I embraced it and enjoyed the fact that I had the knowledge necessary to work through the situation. I knew the contract and was able to communicate with everyone for a good resolution. All the while I kept telling myself, this is what happens when you sell real estate in the big leagues. It felt good to know that I can play in that field.

The funny thing about life though:

  • What you focus on expands.
  • Sometimes thoughts become affirmations without you even realizing it.
  • The Universe doesn’t always respond to our affirmations in the way we thought they would.

I started my comments as an affirmation of my abilities. It was meant to be positive. But then I realized that the majority of my transactions were having issues coming up. Again, nothing that couldn’t be resolved, but things were definitely getting more heated than they needed to be, and requiring a lot more time, energy and phone calls.

Then I had the ‘a ha’ moment of realizing that I had unknowingly created an affirmation and it was working against me.

I created my statement when things were not going well. What I was telling myself and the Universe is that transactions are stressful and for me to grow my business it means that I will need to have more transactions with issues.

Hmmm. That is not what I meant, but according to the Universe, that is what I said, because it is exactly what it kept giving back to me.

Now my self talk and affirmations are about how magically my transactions come together and how smoothly everything goes. Any you know what? My buyers on Friday got their house in multiple offers, the first time out.

So if something isn’t working quite right, or if things are harder than you want them to be, look at the stories you are telling yourself about the situation.

Your stories, affirmations, self talk, whatever you want to call it, may be working against you.

Try mixing it up and see what happens. The Universe will let you know if you got it right or not.

Keep going until you get the result you want. Success is largely about mindset and the ability to course correct along the way.

To your success!

PS: Affirmations are incredibly powerful. They can change your life in an instant. Finding the right one, and knowing if it’s working can be tricky though. If you would like help with this, and much more in your business, join us for the summer session of the Mentorship group: Play ~ Sell ~ Profit. Click here for more information and to register.


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