Striving vs Allowing: The Internal Tug of War

Lake Wa. june 2014August is a transition month. Summer vacation is still going, and back to school is around the corner. There’s time for one more vacation, but it’s been weeks since you focused on business and it’s about time you sold something.

Sound like a familiar tug of war?

Whichever option you choose, there is a hint of guilt.

If you decide on a vacation, in the moments of downtime it’s easy to wonder where your next transaction will come from.

If you decide to work, things end up moving at a snail’s pace. You feel like you’re spinning your wheels no matter how hard you try to MAKE it happen.

It’s easy to feel the seeds of panic, frustration and fear take hold.

Transitions usually have a limbo period. It’s easy to wind up feeling like things should be happening differently than they are.

Trying to make something different than it is, or forcing something is equivalent to striving.

So what’s the trick to getting through August with your sanity in tact? Allowing things to be as they are and learning to work with the rhythm of it all.

What does that look like?

  • Noticing vs Judging: Notice how your feel. It’s OK to feel a bit off right now. Noticing it allows you to go in and make decisions from a place of power. Judging it makes you cranky and limits your options.
  • Schedule some down time and office time: Not having a plan is stressful. This is about learning to work with the time and resources you have. Not the ones you wish you had. As long as you can schedule some time for both, and it can even be just an hour, it will allow you to feel more pro active.
  • Get clear on your goal: The best goals are brought by contrast. August offers lots contrast. Now offers the chance to get clear on what your life and business to look like and how you want them to fit together.
  • Know that even small steps count: There are times for big leaps forward and times for small steps. This may be a time for small steps, but know that they count just as much as the big ones.

Forward motion, no matter how small builds momentum, breeds confidence, and will get you where you want to go. Each step shows faith in yourself, faith in the Universe and faith in those around you.

What step can you take today?

Looking for some help with figuring out what to do next? Fall mentorship dates come out next week, stay tuned…

To your success!

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