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Back to school lettering with books, pencils and apple over chalkboard backgroundSchool starts Monday. And just like that, vacation is over. It’s back to a routine.

Even if you don’t have kids in school this is relevant. Chances are it applies to your clients. Does it feel like people have been distracted and slow to respond?

Things are about to pivot.

Here’s something to think about this weekend as you shift gears.

How can you connect (or reconnect) with your clients?

The obvious is to pick up the phone and call them, but how you do it matters.

While you may be ready to conquer the world and make up for lost time, know that everyone comes back to the table differently. Give your clients grace if they are not responding to your emails right now. It’s not you. They have a lot going on. As things settle down they will refocus on real estate.

It’s still important to reach out though. Don’t take their silence as a sign that you should back down. But don’t start a phone call or email with “You didn’t respond to my last email” that just makes them feel guilty and puts them on the defensive.

If you’re at a loss for what to say, try acknowledging where they are at emotionally. This doesn’t meet you need to get sappy or make it weird. I guarantee you that virtually every parent is secretly doing the happy dance that their kids go back to school next week.

So go with it. Now is a great time to call your clients to say  “congratulations, you made it”! Way to go with having an awesome summer. Here’s to actually getting something done.

At the VERY least, do this with your current clients and those in your funnel. You get extra points though, and a boost to your business, if you make a few random calls to clients in your database.

Or, if you are feeling awkward about this, when people post their back to school pictures on social media, call them and comment on how cute their kids are, or how much they have grown, or wish them luck in the coming year.

Don’t over think it, just make the call.

Spoiler alert* This is 1 of the 12 opportunities for connecting with your clients between now and the end of the year that I mentioned in last week’s email. We will be covering all 12 in detail in the Mentorship group.

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Remember, life is a contact sport. Contact, especially consistent contact, creates momentum. Momentum reduces resistances and increases success.

To get more business, you need to be in contact with the world. Points are scored on offense more than defense.

To your success!
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