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June mentorship group

June mentorship groupI am an over achiever with a background in science and math. I love structure and the assurance that a + b always equals c.

In real life, though, that only works to a point.

I’m also very spiritual. I believe that the energy we bring to any situation affects the outcome. Especially in real estate.

When you ignore the energy piece of things it can feel like everything is a struggle.

When you embrace energy, things happen seemingly like magic. Like my $5M buyer that showed up a few weeks ago.

I remember getting my license at the ripe old age of 23, showing up for my first day of work at the office and thinking “uh oh”! Everyone was twice my age, cranky and with terrible personal lives.

Admittedly, without other role models, I fell into the same trap. After all, I’m an overachiever. Why not throw more hours at my new business? It just meant I was committed right?

In some ways it worked, but I was so caught up in the who works more hours race that I stopped evaluating was effective and worth the time.

In the beginning I was single, so it wasn’t a big deal. Then I got married and we had a family. Not only was working 24/7 not an option any more, but the cracks were starting to show at home.

*Note: Do not take from this that if you are single it’s okay to skip the having a life part!

Fortunately, around this time I was introduced to a new way of doing business. It was all about structuring your business, so that you can have a life. And when you really embrace it, often times your business and life merge. To me, that’s when it gets really fun!

I had great success with the program, and have made my own changes along the way.

As a result of my success, people started asking me to teach classes. I found that agents are hungry for help. The real world version. Not some hypothetical version that requires you to work 80 hours a week, or spend thousand of dollars on assistants.

During classes, I would watch people. Their shoulders would relax and come down from their ears. They would get a glimmer in their eye as they realized, “This would work for me”.

Right there and then I knew that I had found my purpose.

I’m good at real estate. In fact, I’m better than most. I love it, and I’ll continue doing it.

But the thing that feeds my soul is helping others succeed in real estate and be the best person they can be. It’s the butterfly effect of how many lives are affected, when one person becomes more positive and believes in themselves?

To truly understand my why, here are what other agents have had to say about coaching / mentoring with me:

Erin Wright“Thank you so much for working with me and coaching me. The coaching calls we had together help me go from a place where I was grateful for my business but felt like I was barely staying afloat because I was so busy, to a place where I can just be grateful, excited and moving forward with my business. Your big picture thinking, along with your small tips and tricks has really had a positive impact on me in both my personal and professional life. Thank you for all of your help and advice!”

~Erin E. Wright


Julie Wilson“I joined one of Nicole’s mentorship groups in the beginning of 2015 and it has made all the difference – I highly recommend. She has this fantastic way of energizing and inspiring me on both a professional and personal level. I can’t wait to do it again….I think of it as a gift to myself!

It’s about waking up each day excited for life and confident that things are going to go your way.”

~ Julie Wilson


Jeanette Lawrence“I found Nicole’s Mentorship program to be Great Fun & a rewarding experience. Working with Nicole helped me explore, brainstorm, & clarify what / how to go forward with my personal & business goals and enjoy the experiences along the way!! Create magic in life & be thankful”

Jeanette Lawrence


Ashley Weiss“Thank you Nicole for your insight, honest and supportive approach during your mentorship program! It’s made such a huge impact and I look forward to growing and developing my business and enriching my personal life as well smile emoticon Here’s to serving others, having fun and earning a living!”

~ Ashley Weiss


There are 3 1/2 months left in 2015. With the right focus and intention, you can accomplish a lot.

That being said, doing it on your own can be hard. It’s easy to fall of track, we all do.

That’s where the Mindset ~ Marketing ~ Sales mentorship group comes in.

Let me help you. Sometimes the easiest solution is the hardest one to see on our own.

If you have questions about the group, let me know.

For details on what we will be covering, click here.

No matter what, make these commitments to yourself:

  • You can do this
  • You are worthy of your goals
  • Know that the Universe is here to support you
  • Don’t settle
  • Decide that now is your time

To your success!

PS: Click here for the link for the group info and registration


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