3 Ways To Lose A Client

NewCustomer croppedYou just got a new client. Hurray! Whether they are a referral, or from some other source, chances are you have invested a fair amount of time, money and energy to make this happen.

But now what? A lot can happen between that first meeting and cashing your commission check.

Getting a client is one thing, keeping them is another.

Lately I’ve had the opportunity to be the client in a few situations. It’s always interesting to experience things from the other side of the table. Sometimes I think “that was an amazing, how can I do that for my clients?” Other times I think “how on earth does this person stay in business?”

The sad thing is that bad service is not a one-off event. It happens more than it should.

Here are 3 common mistakes that people make which cost them clients:
  1. Big League Them: While scheduling a meeting with a prospective marketing person they said “that should work, I don’t have any client appointments at that time right now.” A red flag, but I wanted to see how things played out. Sure enough, 7am the day of the appointment he sends a note that he needs to meet a client and can I reschedule? Umm I thought I was a client? Apparently I didn’t make the cut.
  2. Unresponsive: Every year I have a handful of clients come to me who have been working with other agents, but just can’t seem to click with them. In every case the #1 issue they had with the agent was their lack or responsiveness.
  3. Pushing too fast: I’m a get it done girl. Why sell a house tomorrow when you can sell it today? Sometimes it just doesn’t work that way. Pushing boxes people in and makes them instinctively push back, taking their focus away from what they really want. Give them space and they will get there faster than you think.

What can you do instead?

  1. Serve vs Sell: Always remember that your #1 job is to serve your client. Not in a passive let them walk all over you kind of way. In a: I have tremendous knowledge that will benefit you and my #1 goal, above all else, is to help you realize your dream.
  2. Respect the relationship: Your clients are lucky to be working with you. But you should also be honored to work with them. Treat the relationship with the respect it deserves.
  3. Communicate: There is no such thing as too much. Remember, there is the technical part of what we do, and the emotional part of what we do. Both need equal amounts of communication with your clients.

To your success!


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