You Keep Asking For Systems, But Will You Use Them?

girl on the road mapLast month we launched the 3rd round of our mentorship group. Hurray!

We always kick off each session with two questions:
  • What 1 thing do you want to accomplish in the next 90 days?
  • What 1 thing will make the biggest difference in getting you there?

As we went around the table several agents talked about systems. Finally I asked, are you going to use them?

Having systems is great. Using them is what gets results.

Systems create momentum and leverage. Everything is faster and easier, when you don’t recreate the wheel with each client. Translation ~ they are the secret to increasing your business while having a life.

But systems can also highlight your weaknesses. They let you know when you are off track, and if what you’re doing isn’t working. For many, this is reason enough not to use them.


We get so caught up in the fear of failure, that we give up on the prospect of success.

Here are 3 ways to reframe systems to get you moving and back on track:

  1. They don’t have to be fancy to work: In fact, the simpler the better. A simple check list qualifies as a system, if you use it consistently.
  2. Structure gives you freedom: So many agents are reactionary in their business. They show up each day waiting to see what happens and hoping for the best. Having a system gives you the structure to know what needs happen when. It’s like having a road map showing you where to turn for the quickest route to your goal.
  3. Systems don’t have to be perfect to work:  It’s about doing more than you would have otherwise. Your goal might be to contact 30 clients a week and this week you only did 20. If your average before the system was 5, then it’s still a huge win. Most of the time it’s about making you aware of what you are or aren’t doing. With awareness comes the ability to make decisions that empower you.

Just remember, it’s all about forward motion. Some days that is a giant leap and others it’s a baby step. They all count and they all add up.

What can you move forward on today?

To your success!

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