Clarity = Success, Business Planning For 2016


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2016 Starts Now

It’s your time to:

Create clarity on where you want to go, and what you need to get there.

Done Correctly:
Your plan will inspire and motivate you, creating a foundation for success.

Done Incorrectly:
It will leave you overwhelmed and frustrated. You’ll either give up before you start, or burn out trying to do too much too soon.

This year we are breaking business planning down into 3 sessions. Each session is geared to a specific phase of business. We will dive deep and focus on the exact tools that you need for where you’re at right now.

Which phase are you?

Launch Phase: 0-5 yours in real estate Business start

  • Lead generation / finding enough clients
  • Confidence in pricing and the market
  • Consistency


  • Identifying current sources of business, and developing new ones
  • Market knowledge strategy
  • Basics of working with clients. What do you do once they say yes?


Growth Phase: 5-10 years in real estate business man drawing graph of sales

  • Clients are draining your time and energy
  • Struggles with peaks and valleys of your business
  • Feeling trapped and you’re not finding the financial success you hoped for


  • You need systems to leverage your activities and make more money
  • Specific tools to work with clients that take less time
  • A framework to generate clients when you are busy with Buyers and Sellers

Multiplier Phase: 10+ years in real estate Successful investment

  • Things can feel stale, and like you re missing out on business
  • Your quality of life is suffering
  • It looks smooth on the surface,but underneath all you are still working way too hard


  • Life planning including investing, and making time for what matters to you
  • Tools to sharpener competitive edge
  • Tips to make the business work for you
  • Fine tune systems for growth and efficiency

Pick your phase and pick your session:
Launch Phase: 9:30 – 11am
Growth Phase: 12 – 1:30pm
Multiplier Phase: 2:30 – 4pm

December 3rd
Windermere Bellevue Commons
100 116th Ave SE
Bellevue, WA 98004

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Here’s to creating clarity, and making 2016 your best year yet!



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