What’s Your Bad Idea For 2016?

Ideas Innovation Creativity Knowledge Inspiration Vision ConceptHappy New Year! Welcome to the first day of 2016. Are you ready for an amazing year?

Your head is probably swimming with goals and resolutions. But I have one question for you:

What’s your one really bad idea?

You know, the one that will have the biggest impact.

The best money that I’ve made in real estate has come from what I thought at the time was a really bad idea.

To clarify: A bad idea is usually one that I did not come up with. It’s something my coach asks me to do that I am certain is a waste of time. But darn it, they won’t let it go. Eventually I have to take action so that they will leave me alone and we can get to the “good stuff”.

Low and behold, it works. After 20 years in real estate, my most profitable ideas have also been the worst ones.

Here are some of the bad ideas I’ve acted on over the years:

  1. Farming: Years ago, I had the first resale in a condo building. My coach at the time suggested that I farm the building after my success in getting the condo sold. I thought it was a terrible idea, but I went ahead and started doing it. I’ve made 6 figures a year from that farm alone for the last 15 years.
  2. Bringing my family into my business: I always thought that I should keep work and personal separate. My coach urged me otherwise. Initially through my newsletters, and now with social media, my clients know all about my family. Not only has it brought me business, but it has also gone a long way towards work / life balance.
  3. Picking up the phone: I dread phone calls, just like you. But 14 years ago, a coach told me that it was better to call than email. You know what? I doubled my business that year. Every now and then I get off track with my calls, and the moment I start picking up the phone again my referral rate doubles.

None of these would have happened without someone nudging and sometimes outright shoving me in that direction.

I would think: the idea is to easy to be that effective. It’s uncomfortable, can’t I do something else? Whatever it is going through your head, it’s hard to get past the chatter and into action on your own.

Which is why the Mindset Marketing and Sales Mentorship group has been so successful for so many agents. It’s all about helping you find that really bad idea that will help you reach your goals.

If you’re feeling a bit stuck and like the sea of possibilities for the new year is overwhelming instead of motivating, then join us for the next round that starts January 12th.

And in case you were wondering, my bad idea for 2016 is video. So if that’s on your list too then I invite you to join us for sure.

To your success!


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