5 Tips To Romance Your Clients

Isolated cupcake for Valentine's Day love celebrationWho says romance and business don’t mix?

Okay, maybe dating your clients isn’t a good idea, but it doesn’t hurt to show them a little love.

Here are 5 classic relationship tools that apply to your business:

  1. Talk to them. Yes, sometimes you need to pick up the phone and actually talk to them. Email, texting and emoji’s aside, some things are best handled with a live interaction.
  2. Tell them what’s going on. Don’t keep your clients in the dark. Don’t assume they know you are working hard for them. Keep them in the loop. It helps them feel comfortable with the process and confident in you.
  3. Acknowledge how they feel. This doesn’t mean you have to get all mushy, but buying and selling a house is a very emotional experience. Those emotions affect the decisions we make. Acknowledging how someone feels can make it easier to move through things.
  4. Say thank you. Let your clients know how much you appreciate them.
  5. Make them feel like they are your one and only. You might have a long list of clients that you are working with, but be present when you are with your clients. Make them feel like they are important, and matter to you.

Whenever a client agrees to work with you, consider it an honor that you are able to help them with such an important piece of their life.

To your success!


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