Your Limits are Your Secret To Success

Your Limits are Your Secret to SuccessWe all have limits.

Even Oprah, who has accomplished so much said, “You can do it all, you just can’t do it all right now.”

Usually when we talk about limits, it’s while complaining about all the things they prevent us from doing.

They are the road blocks to our success.

But the reality is, those limits are exactly what you need to keep you on the path to success.

The biggest issue that stalls most agents is diluted energy. Trying to do too many things, and not doing any of them very well. I hear it all the time from agents. They are going to market to this neighborhood, sign up with that online lead source, do open houses over there, join a networking group, etc. It scatters their energy and time which brings scattered results.

The reality is that this business, any business really, is remarkably simple. It’s all about relationships. The better care you take of the people around you, the better they will be to you. Most agents, though, are so busy trying to find someone new, they forget to take care of the people they already know.

With my limited mobility these last few months I’ve had all kinds of limits to deal with. It’s been one of the best things that ever happened to me.

Here are some of the ways my limits helped me:

  • Admittedly, I was starving for human contact, so I got on the phone, and really listened to what people had to say. I connected with them, and found fun reasons to follow-up afterwards rather than being distracted and “just getting it done”.
  • Being a better listener also created ways to say thank you. This year my commitment is to acknowledge and thank the people who mean the most to me. That means listening for times when my clients are really stressed and showing up with a candle, or bottle of wine depending on how stressed they are. 🙂 It’s deepened our relationships.
  • I got face to face with people. I rely on electronic signatures WAY too much. We go with what is convenient, rather than realizing that our clients are signing life changing major documents. I have been meeting my clients face to face more, which has made my transactions too much better. We are all able to talk things out and not have to worry about unanswered questions, or misinterpreted tone via email and text.

A side benefit of that ended up being some fun times with Gary. For the first few weeks after surgery he would drive me to my appointments. It was a really nice time for us to chat and be together. I kind of miss it.

Of course, during those times of being laid up I thought about big marketing programs, and all sorts of crazy, expensive and time-consuming things that I could do to generate business. But since I couldn’t do them, I had to focus on what I could do and make that work for me.

What I can say, and will probably say again at some point is that no marketing campaign beats a hand written note card.

So use whatever your limits are: time, skills, etc to get creative. What can you do right now to move yourself forward? Stop using them as the reason that you are not getting the results you want.

I guarantee that there is something that you can do in the next 30 minutes that does not require any money that will move you forward.

Embrace your limits. They are like the bumpers on the sides of your path to success moving forward.

To your success!


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