3 Tools To Get Off The Negativity Train

Where you focus your thoughts determines your destinationIt’s been a hot topic lately. In the mentorship group this week everyone expressed some level of frustration and downright anger at the market right now.

Dealing with appraisers and low appraisals, multiple offers, clients who have lost several times, the hectic pace, etc. It’s wearing agents down, making them cranky, and affecting their business.

We all experience frustration from time to time. How you deal with it can make or break your business.

Here are 3 tips to get you off the negativity train and on to selling homes:

  1. Give yourself time to pout: It’s okay to be angry or frustrated. In fact, it’s normal. The question is, do you pout for an hour, a week or a month? Let yourself express how you feel, but consciously make a decision that after a certain amount of time you will get back at it.
  2. Focus on appreciation: When you are cranky it’s easy to focus on justifying your anger. This leaves you feeling like there isn’t any other option, and you are powerless to change things. Maybe your buyer lost yet another house. That is frustrating, but find something / anything to appreciate. It doesn’t necessarily have to be related to that transaction. But you can still appreciate having a great client, the gorgeous sunset, anything that gets you feeling better. It might sound corny, but this has made a BIG difference in my business this year.
  3. Have an outlet: Everyone needs a little mental sanity time. For me it’s working out. Especially with the great weather lately, nothing beats a walk on the trail to mellow me out and get refocused. Have something positive that you can do for a mental reset.

You have the power to change your outcome in this market, or any market. Where you focus your thoughts and energy determines where your train ends up.

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To your success!

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