You Messed Up, Now What?

Child holding OOPS signIt’s 3 am and you just realized that you forgot to call a client. You just blew it. As the pit in your stomach forms, your mind spins out of control wondering if there is any way to salvage the relationship.

Or maybe…

Your listing isn’t selling. Secretly you know you overpriced it, and caved when the sellers didn’t want to pay for staging, even though you knew it would make a difference. You’ve gone from excited about your listing to avoiding your client’s call because you think they are going to fire you.

Been there, done that. You don’t get to 20 years in business without messing a few things up. In fact, that’s part of what makes me a great coach, I’ve got all kinds of examples of things I’ve done wrong in my career. Fortunately I learned from each mistake to build a stronger business.

In a perfect world, you never mess up, but on the off chance that you do, it’s good to have a strategy.

Here are 3 tips to get you back to right:

  1. Own it: When we mess up, the first instinct is to put our heads in the sand and hope it goes away. Needless to say, this is the worst approach ever, and one guaranteed to lose the client. Never under estimate the power of an apology and quick action.
  2. Have a plan: It’s when we wing it that things get missed. Having a plan gives you the structure to move forward differently. Maybe your plan is to spend 5 minutes reviewing your day before you leave the office to make sure your loose ends are tied up. Of perhaps you create a new marketing plan for your seller.
  3. Ask for input: Once you have messed up, your emotions get in the way, which makes it difficult to find a clear course of action. Reach out to others  for advice. Chances are someone else has been there before, and they might have a solution that you haven’t thought of.

While the goal is to always have things running smoothly, the reality is that every now and then things get a little bumpy. It’s how you handle the bumps that make the biggest difference in your results, and your client relationships.

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