The Next Level of Life Requires The Next Level of You

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“Insanity = Doing the same thing over and over again
and expecting a different result.”

                                                           Albert Einstein

Remember those goals you set in January? Have you started on them, or are you:

  • Holding back because the timing isn’t right?
  • Waiting for a sign that it will work before you invest time, money and energy?
  • Frustrated because nothing has changed?

Setting a goal typically indicates your wish for something bigger, greater, or more than you currently have. But you can’t be, do or have these things until you have created the next level of you to match them.

It’s the classic chicken vs the egg debate. Which comes first? Do you wait for your goals to show up before you start acting in a way that will match them, or do you change your actions to make room for the goal?

Either way, you need a different version of you to match your new level of life, so why not start now?

How can you up level your thoughts and actions today, to match the next level version of you tomorrow?

  • If your goal is to be wealthier: Can you transfer money to a savings account? Even $5 helps.
  • If your goal is to sell more properties: What is one extra phone call you can make?
  • If your goal is to lose weight: Can you take the stairs instead of the elevator?
  • If your goal is to have a better relationship with your spouse: Can you find something to compliment them on today?
  • If your goal is to travel: Can you book a weekend away?

All of these are small steps towards your goal. They might not be the big giant steps that you hope to make one day, but moving forward sets momentum in motion.

Each day has a compounding effect as you take actions, and raise yourself to the next level of you.

To your success!

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