What Happens When Your Clients Go MIA?

When Your Clients Go MIA_1. It's not personal2. There's more to the story3. Lay off the guilt trip4. Keep the door open5. Find ways to add valueYou got a new referral! You chatted on the phone, had your first meeting, everything was going great and then Рnothing.

Emails, cards, phone calls, none of it is getting a response.

Urg! Did they find another agent? Did you do something? Did they decide not to buy or sell after all?

This is undoubtably one of the most frustrating things about real estate. Often times, you didn’t do anything wrong. Clients go missing in action for a variety of reasons.

Let’s assume that you hit it off with your client, followed up with them, thanked the referral source, and have done everything right on your end. What do you do now?

  1. Don’t take it personally. This is your profession, so it’s natural that you are rearing to go. However, it’s your client’s personal life, and sometimes things like buying and selling a house need to take a back seat.
  2. There is more to the story: Maybe there was something that they didn’t fully share with you that is affecting their decision. This is not to say that they lied to you. Don’t go there. But, it could mean that there are more things in play that you initially realized.
  3. Lay off the guilt trip: Sending your clients emails and texts that start with: You didn’t respond to my last email… will only make it seem like you are scolding them.
  4. Keep the door open: Just because they aren’t responding doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. It’s happened many times where my clients went dark on me for an extended period of time only to resurface later.
  5. Look for ways to add value: Keep looking for ways to reach out, connect and add value. At some point, something you send them will spur them to respond.

More than anything, focus on the business that you DO have going, and how grateful you are for that. It’s easy to focus on what isn’t working, but usually even when you have clients that aren’t responding, you have just as many who are.

To your success!


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