Is Your Process Blocking Sales?

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Consistency is essential. We talk about it with marketing, phone calls, etc, but how about when you show up for an appointment?

Are you consistent? Are you ready when your clients say yes?

I recently asked a group of agents what they bring to a listing appointment. They talked about various marketing and stats sheets that they use.

Not one of them brought a filled our listing contract ready to be signed!

I found it interesting that agents go through so much work to prepare for an appointment, but they are not ready when the client says yes.

I went on a listing appointment a few weeks ago and the seller was clear that they were interviewing other agents. My process is to always bring a filled out listing agreement to every appointment. I almost didn’t for this one, thinking that they were going to want time to think things through.

You know what?

They signed the contract during our appointment.

Maybe they would have still decided to work with me if I hadn’t brought it, but I’d rather not take the chance of having them meet with someone else.

This isn’t about forcing people into signing something they are not comfortable with, but it is about being ready for success when it shows up.

To your success!


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