Walk In To Your Next Meeting Like You Own It

Child superhero portraitMaybe you’re new, or it’s been a while since you sold a house, or the price point intimidates you. Whatever it is, you are about to meet with your clients and you are not feeling it.

You’re knees are shaking and you are the furthest thing from confident.

All you can think of is the millions of ways that this thing can go wrong. Should you even bother to knock on the door?

We have all been there. New and experienced alike.

Here are 5 tips to take you from zero to hero at your next meeting:

  1. What is the professional thing to do? Whenever I notice myself getting spun out about what to do, it’s because I’ve let myself get too emotional about the situation, and it’s clouding my judgement. As soon as I ask myself what the professional thing to do is in any situation, the answer is usually pretty clear.
  2. Speak from your heart: This one took me a while to learn. I spent years trying to act more this, or less that. None of it worked. Finally a coach told me to just show up as me, and my business has been growing ever since. Not only that, it’s more fun. Stop worrying about “closing the deal”, and just tell people what you really think. That is what they ultimately hire you for.
  3. Don’t Bluff: Maybe your poker face is better than mine, but bluffing has never gotten me anywhere. “I don’t know” followed with “I’ll find out” is a perfectly acceptable answer. You don’t have to do this alone. You have a team behind you in your manager, your lender, inspector, other agents, etc. It’s okay to lean on them for help.
  4. Pick your game time tunes: Seriously. Baseball players have walk up music for a reason. Mine happens to be AC/DC. What fires you up and makes you feel invincible?
  5. Know that everything is a learning experience: At the end of the day, you can’t win them all, but every experience has something worth while in it. And all experiences lead to something good.

More than anything know that only you have the power to deem yourself worthy. You bring value to your clients in more ways than you could ever imagine.

To your success!

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