Are You Gritty Enough?

I don’t read many business books. I know that I’m “supposed” to, but the reality is that most of them put me to sleep.

Or they sound good, but the real life translation isn’t clear or easy to implement.

But a few weeks ago I picked up Grit, by Angela Duckworth and couldn’t put it down.

It’s an engaging and easy read, and filled with amazing information. Some of my favorite quotes are:

“Enthusiasm is common. Endurance is rare”

How often do we start something only to fizzle out as soon as the going gets tough, or the rewards aren’t immediate? Endurance counts more than talent when it comes to success.

They don’t realize that they need to play an active role in developing and deepening their interests.”

Great agents become passionate about real estate because they work at it.

“Interests are triggered by interactions with the outside world.”

You can only plan, hypothesize and visualize so much. Life is a contact sport, and nothing beats it for feedback.

It’s an easy read, and the perfect thing to kick-start your Fall quarter. Think of it as back to school for your business.

If you decide to read the book, send me a note and let me know which part had the biggest impact on you, and what you are going to do differently.

To your success!

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