35 Conversations Later, Here’s What I learned

I was blown away, and honored by the response to my email about hiring a few agents to help them grow their businesses. Thank you to everyone who reached out.

I wish I had the capacity to take everyone on.

Here’s what I learned from talking to everyone:

  1. Many of you don’t have a database, yet that is the most important tool for your business. Make today the day you get it going. It doesn’t have to be fancy, and it will never be perfect, but you have to start somewhere.
  2. Growing and nurturing your database is job #1. If you intend to do business by referral this needs to be your primary focus. Get over the “it’s not authentic” thing when it comes to scheduling phone calls. Without a plan in place you won’t get anything done.
  3. Defense keeps you busy, offense makes you money. Yet most people spend their time on defense. Focus your energy on the things that actively generate clients and move you forward.
  4. Accountability and consistency are key. Without these two things in place your results will be sporadic at best.
  5. Mindset matters. If you think this business is hard, it is. If you think this business is wonderful and provides an amazing income, it will.
  6. Stop fighting what works. I can appreciate that you want to do things your unique way, but certain things have to happen. This is a contact sport, and if that isn’t really your thing, then perhaps real estate isn’t really right for you.
  7. You don’t want to go it alone, and shouldn’t have to. Whether it’s joining a group, or getting one on one coaching, put something in place today. It’s the short cut that you have been looking for.

Know that you can do this. As with anything, it takes a commitment and time. But with consistency, you can achieve any goal that you set for yourself.

To your success!

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