It Won’t Go The Way You Planned

And that is a good thing.

Sometimes things happen with such a perfect message, that it’s too good not to share.

Last weekend I was in Sedona with some girlfriends for a mediation retreat. I was so excited for this trip I could hardly stand it. I was looking forward to the retreat, but also to hiking among the beautiful red rocks, and experiencing the Vortex’s that are there and said to have powerful energy. In my mind I had very specific things I wanted to happen.

I wanted to have some sort of “big” experience at Vortex. I don’t know exactly what I expected to have happen, but I wanted to “feel” something big, or different, or special. The more life changing the better.

For the retreat, I was looking forward to some big download or message.

In short, I wanted this weekend to be life altering.

And then there’s what really happened:

Thursday night I started feeling crummy and woke up Friday with a migraine, which kept me in bed all day throwing up. No hiking, no Vortex transformation. Oh well, I still have the meditation retreat.

Saturday, I pop out of bed happy to report that I’m back. The migraine is gone, and I’m fired up for the rest of the weekend. Only to stub my toe on the corner of the bed with a crack so loud that it left no doubt that I’d broken it.

At this point I start laughing. That crack was like a bolt of lightning telling me to let go of my expectations. It was now abundantly clear that this weekend was not going to turn out at all like I thought it would.

It was better.

By letting go of my expectations, I showed up to the meditation retreat completely open and receptive to what the instructor had to offer. If I hadn’t done this, I would have spent the whole time frustrated that she wasn’t doing what I wanted, or teaching a technique that would give me the answers I was looking for.

But you know what? The retreat was amazing, and I really learned a lot.

What I’m realizing, is that everything thing in life has value, even if it is just to show us that what we are currently doing isn’t working. By showing up more openly there are more opportunities available than we realize.

So stop trying to control how everything is going to go.

If you commit to being truly present and open to the situation, the Universe will take care of the rest.

To your success!

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